Stop missing those leads and wasting time answering the same old questions - Let your bot handle it!

Our partnership with amoCRM provides an AI-powered chatbot keeping leads engaged by instantly answering their most typical questions, while lowering the burden on your team. And if they need a little human help, our smart bots know when to pass the baton. amoCRM’s no-code bot builder makes it very easy for anyone to create their own chatbot. In just a few steps even the least anyone can have there Bot up and running and ready to interact with clients

Millions of people buy and sell via instant messaging every day. Take advantage of our AmoCRM partnership to lead your industry with messenger based sales and unleash a whole new way to build relationships with your most important leads and customers. Now with our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system you can contact your potential customers on the social platform they prefer all from one interface or even your mobile phone!  Result - no more missed opportunities and saved time! 

A Digital Pipeline brings you the power to automate your entire sales process. Whether it’s showing potential customers targeted ads, alerting a sales person/rep to call, or even adding data to analytics, amoCRM puts all the dominoes in place. That way, potential leads stay engaged and moving through your pipeline automatically. With the repetitive tasks done, staff can focus on the most important part of all - sales.