Who are we?

Cactus Media?

Kia ora, 

I am Paul, that's me in that far too close image on the left. After building websites for years, i noticed a consistent problem. Business would get their website but they do nothing with them or even forget about one of the important marketing tools a business can possess. Its no fault of the business, staff are not experts and who has the time to be interacting with customers or building engagement. 

To address this problem, i decided to partner with Hamilton based Rocketspark who not only provide a great platform, they also have fantastic service. Service is being the key difference. 

To solve the lack of engagement or understanding the customer journey with the least possible work from the business, i partnered with amoCRM. AmoCRM is both a customer relationship management  software mapping the customer journey automatically  and an automated sales system use BOT technology to automate sales and leads. maximum engagement with minimal fuss - sounds good right? 

Did I mention, i wanted to make it all available at an affordable price!