Be Seen!

In a crowded marketplace

We don't just build websites, we build business!

The future is here now. You have to adapt and pivot to customer buying behaviour.  Build Relationships, build trust and make purchasing a stress free simple experience. Best of all, with Automated Sales and Marketing Funnels combined with Automated Customer Management System - it is easily achievable. 

Boost Sales with Messenger Apps

Digital Pipeline fully automates your lead nurture and follow-up sequences, sending emails and text messages, chatting with leads automatically, setting tasks for sales reps and even displaying targeted digital ads.

 It engages prospects and keeps them moving forward, guiding them effortlessly through your sales flow. That way, when they’re ready to be passed to your salespeople, it’s a slam dunk.

Business Builder

Websites  that build brands,sell products and tell your story.  

Beautiful design and beautifully fast with eye catching online stores, ecommerce software, intuitive ordering systems, powerful integrations, payment processing and more.

There is no better time to get online

Customer Loyalty

Stay in touch with customers and keep them engaged and ensuring your brand is the brand they trust and buy from first. Having a presence where your customers hang out on Social Media is a no brainer and is critical both to build your brand and customer loyalty.

Thankfully it is now easier than ever before.

Get Ready for a Totally New Way of Selling!

The world of sales is on the verge of the greatest change in modern history. Messaging is on the rise and across multiple platforms. Customers are in control and expectations are higher than ever. Yet many businesses both big and small are completely unequipped to deal with what's coming next, let alone how to benefit from it.

Technology to empower you to succeed in the business world by creating a business you can live in. We are  fast-growing  business Website and sales bot experts, based in Wellington NZ. We are committed to creating a better business and more personalised service. We believe that Cactus Media can help you get the best results for your business.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A Customer Relationship Management platform gives you all the tools needed to create long lasting relationships with your customers. You will no longer need to rely on your memory, put sticky notes up, or create endless spreadsheets. Instead, everything is tracked systematically so that you’re doing less manual work and can focus more on selling. It lets you optimize your sales & marketing processes, save time, and establish effective communication with your potential and current customers.


Bar Owners

  • Push a notification to all customers and followers on your Social Media profiles
  •  Promote that event or drinks special. Especially useful on a quite Tuesday night. 


  • Take orders and bookings online ordering super simple. 
  • Tell your followers all about it on Social Media  and run promotions from the one place
  • Build long term customer relationships


  • Manage leads from open homes, website etc
  • Manage contacts with leads
  • Manage leads property visits
  • Send notifications when you have an open home
  • Produce reports